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As usual, Jeremy found his way into Chloe's car at the end of their classes for that day.

"You don't have to go with me." Chloe reminded him. She didn't know why he was always so stubborn. Another thing which had been annoying her, was the smile that was never leaving his face. He had been smiling all day and giggling to himself like he won a jackpot.

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She had thought he hadn't been paying attention in class when the lecturer took note of his unusual behaviour and asked him a question. Surprisingly, he answered it well with only a minor mistake which could be overlooked. 

Seeing him in a cheerful mood, was a nice sight to behold. 'Well, he doesn't have a bad smile.' She thought to herself and shrugged. 

"I reckon it must have taken you quite a lot to ask Mia to go out with you. Why didn't you just ask me? I've been going with you everywhere."

"I didn't ask her to go out with me." 

"But you were about to."

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