229 Drama Queen

Leo kept his eyes on Mia as she ate slowly. It was almost as if she was forcing herself to eat which was actually the case. She had said she didn't have an appetite but he knew she was still going to starve if she didn't eat so he had gone to a nice restaurant to get her her favourite. It was spaghetti. He had thought the sight alone would make her crave to devour it but really, she wasn't interested. 

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"You are going to school tomorrow." He said. 

It wasn't a question. He was telling her. He was not going to leave her like that. 

"Hmm. I know." She nodded slowly. "I can't keep staying indoors." She admitted which made him sigh in relief. At least, she was thinking reasonably now. 

"Great! I thought I would have to force you to go to school." 

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