64 Dogs are scary

Triple the amount .. Triple the amount .. Triple the amount. 

It rang in Mia's head till she returned home that evening. She imagined what the money would do for her. If they took first place, then she was going to use her share of the money to pay off two months debt so she could buy enough time to look for Mary to come pay up the rest. Even though she was not happy with her mother, it was the least she could do now.

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The house was made in a way where he would know if the main door was being opened just in case of a break-in. So when he heard the little ring that alerted him that someone was opening his door, his heart skipped a beat and he quickly stood up. He had been waiting for her the entire day and wondered why she was running late. He had even called Chloe to know whether they had late classes and she had told him no.  He had felt it wasn't appropriate calling Mia directly so he hadn't bothered it.

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