14 Doctor Leo

Leo's good mood completely turned sour after his encounter with Cherry Anderson.

He was pissed at her. Pissed at her for showing up now and acting like everything was okay between them.

"Would you like to play hide and seek with Uncle Lion King and I?" He tried to mimick her annoying voice as he rolled his eyes. 

The action suddenly reminded him of what she had said about him being childish. 

He hissed immediately before comporting himself. Especially when he noticed the curious glances directed towards him.

He was pissed. Pissed at himself for still allowing her rouse different kinds of emotion from him.

 He was supposed to be done with her twenty-six months ago. Why was he still so angry whenever he thought about her?

He sighed and continued to walk around the park. He just wanted to go home and relax.

Speaking of home, he suddenly remembered there was a Devil in the same house with him.

'Oh God!' He sighed.

If he had thought his day would not get worse than it was already going, then he was wrong. 

Because of every other person to bump into, he had to bump into his elderly maternal Aunt who liked to talk a lot.

And worse of all, she was with her group of friends who liked to gossip. They were three other women chatting and laughing with Aunt Deborah, but he was only able to recognise the woman beside her with blond hair.

  She was Aunt Lucy, her best friend. Also in her mid-fifties. 

He tried to dodge so she wouldn't see him but unfortunately, she did.

"Oh my goodness. You look so handsome today" Aunt Deborah quickly called him over and stretched her hand to pull him closer to her as she began to introduce her friends to him.

'Oh God! What do I need to know her friends for?' He complained bitterly within him.

"He's my little Nephew. So adorable" She began to pinch his cheeks.

Leo felt very uncomfortable. Little Nephew? Cheek pinching? Adorable?

He suddenly remembered what Chloe had told him about Aunt Deborah being sick recently. She had also informed him that a lot of things changed about her and they were still trying to get her back to normal.

"This here is Aunt Stella, this is Aunt Mona. Oh, you remember Aunt Lucy right?" She introduced them all to him and he was beginning to get bored. 

Now, this was were the problem arose. It was time to properly introduce him to them and she shocked him by saying,

"This here is my little Nephew." She introduced again but did not end there this time. "He is Louis. King Louis. He's my favourite." She began to cackle.

"What?" He looked at her in surprise and kept trying to correct her.

But sometimes, it was too difficult to get women's attention especially when she was already telling them about the wonderful things he always did in the 'operating room'

"He's so responsible unlike his twin brother who never agrees to stay at home and help out the family. I just want to smack his head whenever I see him. Too bad he has the same face with my King Louis." Aunt said the words that shocked him more before she began to pinch his cheeks again and call him "Adorable".

First of all she had mentioned Louis was her favourite. Now, she was even calling him irresponsible in front of him!

How was he supposed to tell them now that he wasn't Louis but the irresponsible one who had refused to return home to help the family?

Or was he supposed to say "Oh yea Aunty. I am actually King Leo so smack my head."

He knew it had always been difficult for most people to differentiate between Louis and himself. 

But Aunt Deborah had never found it challenging until now. The illness must have really affected her more than he had imagined .

All Leo could do was to try to play along while trying to get away from the women but they seemed keen on keeping him

'Can today get any worse?'

He asked himself. And just like nature planned to frustrate him that day, he heard screams close to where they were standing.

And soon, people began to gather.

Since the women did not want to be left out, they also moved closer to see and to their surprise, they saw a 'Mickey Mouse' collapsed on the ground. 

"Mickey is dead."

"Mickey fainted" 

The kids began to scream and run around. 

"Oh my God. Poor Mickey. Where is the paramedic team?" Aunt Deborah asked first as she began to look around. 

"Oh! Thank goodness we have a doctor here" Aunt Lucy cried out and soon, everyone turned their attention to Leo who looked at them with a confused expression on his face.

"Come on. Come save Mickey. But take that head off him first" 

People were relieved that a doctor was in their midst and was going to attend to 'Mickey' before the paramedics arrived.

"Who...is a doctor.? Me?" Leo asked in astonishment.

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'Oh God! Who asked me to do this?'

Thankfully, he knew a bit about Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation since he lived with doctors (Father, mother, and brother) and  had been trained to know basic first aid treatments.

There was no harm in trying right? He could buy enough time before the medic team arrived. 

He made up his mind and went fully into doctor mode as he asked the crowd to give the patient some space.

It was already beginning to gross him out even before taking off the head. What if he was an ugly man? 

He tried not to throw up at the thought of administering a CPR. 

'Oh God let it be a pretty girl' He prayed earnestly. 

But he knew that was likely never going to happen. 

It was rare for girls to take these kind of jobs. 

Slowly, he began to take off the mask. And while he did that, he tried not to close his eyes but his eyes closed involuntarily. 

It was best to never see the face of the man before 'bringing him back to life'. That way, it would be less traumatic for him, and he could easily forgive Aunt Deborah for putting him through this.

But he was surprised when he began to hear gasps from the people gathered around..

"Oh my God! It's a lady. It's really a lady!"

"Mickey mouse is a girl?" 

He heard the crowd began to murmur.

'A lady?' Was he hearing things now? Or did God listen to his prayer?

He decided to open his eyes and look at the fainted lady.

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