53 Do you trust me?

One rainy afternoon, a younger Mia tried to shield herself from the rain and the first building she saw was the Science complex.

She was twenty years old then and had just resumed college so she didn't quite know her way around. 

She had tried to enter inside the Science complex building but the security men by the door stopped her when they saw her ID and noted she wasn't in the science department. 

"But it's raining. I just want to go in and would leave immediately it stops raining." She assured the men there.

Her hair and clothes were already a bit wet and she didn't want to leave just then because her mother would scold her if she saw her coming home with drenched clothings.

No one could afford to get sick at that point because their priority was to save enough money to pay off the loan sharks. 

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"We cannot let you in ma. It's the school's policy. You can check your students' handbook and see the instruction boldly written inside."

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