116 Do you think Leo likes me?

"Dude! You are a terrible friend. I mean, you have Mia and Mira all to yourself? How come you never told me about Mia's friend being so pretty?" Richard asked as he sat down and continued to shoot Leo an accusing look. 

"Look elsewhere man. Don't even think about flirting with Mira." Leo said with a glare.

"Stop being stingy. You already have Mia. Just give me the Mia with the 'R' which is MiRa. You do not possibly want both women do you?" Richard asked as he narrowed his eyes to look at his friend suspiciously. 

"None of your business." Leo said with disinterest. 

Richard wasn't ready to drop the topic just yet so he continued..

"I saw the way Mia was looking at you earlier. Something been happening between you two right?" 

"What do you mean?" Leo asked raising a brow.

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"Come on, you are smarter than this Leo. You like her and you know she likes you too. It was so obvious. Why are you holding back? It's so unlike you." 

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