57 Do you like her?

"Can you slow down Mia?" Mira asked as she tried to catch up with Mia who was walking fast by the side of the busy road. 

Jeremy was also following them closely but he didn't know whether to stop her or not since Mia looked like she would prefer to be alone. 

"I kissed a guy I do not even know!?" Mia turned to say in disbelief before she turned and began to walk faster again. 

"Ya,  I know.. it's crazy... I also had not expected Leo to have a twin." Mira said in understanding. 

"Hell ya, no one did!" Mia turned around again and began to bite her nails nervously while pacing around in circle.

"In one night I kissed two guys and they are brothers!" Mia said in a tone of utter disbelief.

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When she said she wanted to go wild, she had not expected things to turn out this way. 

"Wait, what? You mean you kissed two brothers? Like.. that was a case of mistaken identity?" Jeremy finally asked but none of the girls answered his question. 

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