118 Do not overdo it.

"You seem so excited about this. Are you sure you know what you are doing?" James asked Mira who was lying on his bed, wearing just his sweatshirt which covered her up to half of her thighs. 

Mira pretended to think before giggling. "I'm so happy about Mia finally having fun. I can't wait for things to start working well for her." 

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"What if Leo King doesn't like her that way? You are just going to put ideas in her head and she's going to feel sad about it if he eventually doesn't feel the same way about her."

"Leo definitely feels the same way." She said with a confident nod. 

"When I see a guy who likes a girl for real, I know." 

"And why are you still single?" James asked as he pushed his laptop away to look at her. 

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