161 Dinner was.... as usual

Some time later, the King family were all seated around the dining table with their meals served. 

"You have been really busy lately. Are you sure everything is okay?" Mr King asked Chloe who almost choked on her drink while both brothers looked at her intensely.

They both thought it was probably that boy who was keeping her busy— Jeremy Williams.

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Chloe used a napkin to clean her mouth gently before raising her head to look at her father. 

"Yes dad. All is fine. Just a few things I need to put in place so I can't return home some times especially considering the distance. But I'm good." 

"I hope it doesn't affect your studies honey? You have to graduate with good grades just like your cousin Ella and make us proud okay?" Mrs King said with a warm smile before covering her daughter's hand with hers.

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