33 Ding Dong

Mia was just about to get busy with her laptop to go through some school work when she heard the doorbell ring. Her brows formed a questioning arch as she wondered who it probably was. 

Housemate wouldn't ring his own doorbell and as far as she knew, his sister also didn't need to because she came in and went out as she pleased.

Mira! That was the first person that popped inside her head but that would be really fast since it had been only a few minutes their call ended and it didn't sound like she was on the way already.

Before she got to the door, the bell rang twice more and she quickly opened it without taking a peek outside. 

It was a woman yea, but it was not Mira. This one looked a bit older, grown, matured, and really pretty. She was even wearing a classy short black chiffon gown and low white strappy sandals while holding a small red purse.

Mia noticed the odd look in the lady's eyes as she looked at her. 

"Who are you?" The lady asked in a sharp and irritated voice.  

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"I live here. Who are you?" Mia asked back. She would have shut the door in her face if she hadn't remembered that she had a roommate and this was probably one of his 'flings'. She definitely looked like his type.

"Isn't this Leo's apartment?" She asked again as she tried to force her way inside but Mia held the door firmly in place. 

"You are being rude madam!" Mia said in a harsh voice that startled her. 

"Ma.. Madam?" She asked in utter shock. She couldn't believe Mia had just called her 'Madam' when she was just in her mid twenties!

"First your name, then who you are looking for" oh! She remembered the lady had said Leo. Was Leo his name? She hadn't bothered to know what name he was called. 

"I am Cherry. Cherry Anderson. Leo's girlfriend. And who are you?" She asked coldly as she stared at what Mia was wearing. She wore a big black polo that looked like a guy's own and only a little short that exposed her thighs and legs. Her hair was in a messy ponytail, making her look rather 'cute'. She could vaguely guess that Mia was probably in her early twenties even though she looked like a high schooler.

She probably wasn't Leo's new girlfriend was she? 

"Your Leo is not here. Call him and come back when he returns." As Mia was about to shut the door, she heard a familiar masculine voice behind Cherry. 

"What are you doing here?" Leo asked with dark eyes. 

Chloe stood beside him and said nothing. But she obviously looked surprised to see Cherry there. 

Mia thought her time there was over so she closed the door and returned to her room.

"Why are you here?" Leo asked again in a harsher voice.

"Hello!" Cherry greeted Chloe with a forced smile before turning to Leo.

"I came to talk. But who is that girl inside? She is not your girlfriend is she?" 

"So what if she is?" Leo shot back in annoyance. He didn't mind that he hated Mia, but he could at least use her to get away from this demonness. 

A deep frown formed in Cherry's face. She turned to Chloe and said with a pleading voice. "Can you please excuse us? I want to speak to your brother for a few minutes."

"Hell no! The only one who should be leaving here is the stranger and that is you! Don't try to annoy me Miss Cherry Anderson. I've been encountering too many unfortunate incidents ever since I met you at the park. So please leave here with your bad luck.. I beg you."

"Ouch!" Chloe exclaimed. "I... I guess I'll just have to go inside and wait for you." She said to Leo before whisked past the both of them and opened the door. 

"Leo I am sorry–" 

Leo shot her a dark glare before following his sister inside. He didn't think twice before shutting the door in her face.

"Call Mia out." He ordered Chloe angrily while scratching his head. He needed to set his life in order but first, he had to get rid of Cherry and Mia!

Chloe nervously approached Mia's door and knocked twice. 

Mia opened the door and shot an angry look at Chloe. 

"Can there ever be a peaceful day in here?" 

Leo noticed the way she was dressed and frowned. Didn't she have a little bit of decency? Why was she always dressed like that when she knew she was staying with a man? 

No wonder... It did make sense she was not attracted to men. That was probably the reason she didn't care about how she dressed around him.

"Please Mia. That's your name right? Just come sit here. We need to discuss amicably." Leo said in a persuasive tone as he moved closer to the couch and gestured for her to sit. 

Mia walked to the couch with pursed lips and hands folded in front of her chest. 

"Sit!" He said to her through gritted teeth and with a forced smile. 

"I don't think I like this...." Mia said as she looked suspiciously between Leo and Chloe who was fidgeting.  

"This isn't about what you like now little girl. Because my sister is involved in this and I do not want to seem inconsiderate or insensitive, I've considered getting you a place of your choice where you could live comfortably for at least a few months. All I need are your details and—"

"You got me..... a place to stay?" She asked with a small insincere smile.

"We haven't found a place yet but we want to know the kind of place you like." Chloe chipped in. "I mentioned to him that you wanted to stay somewhere closer to the school–"

"Are you uncomfortable living with me?" Mia turned to ask Leo.

"Of course!" He answered almost immediately her questions landed.

"Why? Because you've seen me naked and couldn't stop having perverted thoughts just like you're having right now?"

"Wh....what? Are you insane?" He scoffed in disbelief.  

"Well, you tell me... you always look for the slightest reason to blow up at me and always get angry. I do not see why we can't live peacefully,  this place is big enough for that. And to be frank.... I kind of like this place."

"Wh–at!?" Leo could not believe all she was saying to him right now.

Chloe was stunned as she listened to Mia.

*Ding Dong* And the door bell rang....

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