198 Dance with me

Mia looked at all the dishes spread across the table and marvelled. The last time she ate on a table this full was many years ago when her father was still with them and they lived without worries.

"You made all these?" She asked, looking from the steak to fried chicken to salad to sausage to rice to the beef and vegetable sauce. There were more on the table. Merely the sight of it made her full. 

"I did. Although it was very tricky since the last time I cooked something nice was a really long time. I had to watch a lot of YouTube videos." He admitted as he pulled a chair out for her to sit on. 

He was treating her like a princess. Was she Cinderella? Because she liked this feeling. 

"What are you thinking?" He asked, looking at her face which looked like she was lost in thought.

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