210 Creepy twin

Mia remained in one of the toilet cubicle where she had gone to relieve her bowel, wishing she could remain there throughout the night. Leo's family was so large and she could remember the nasty glares she received from a lot of the young ladies present there. She guessed they were either his cousins who didn't approve of her, or ladies he had had a thing with in the past or ladies who were crushing on him. 

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So far, the only nice people had been his grandparents. Grandmother had told that after the party, the family was going to gather together and get to know her properly. This was just a 'of love' as grandmother had put it. Mia thought it was weird. Weren't they supposed to know her first before a party? What if they didn't approve of her afterwards? But Leo had said it was because his grandmother was so excited about her that she had done it without thinking logically, and naturally, every member of the King family was to obey since she was like the Empress. 

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