197 Cottage

Chloe just left the shower, her hair wrapped with a towel, another towel around her chest which ended just after her butt. She was surprised when she found her mother inside her room. When she arrived home earlier, her parents hadn't been at home as usual. She could not remember seeing her mother the previous day at all. It was even more difficult seeing their father since the hospital appeared to be his second home, or first home rather, since he placed the hospital first before his real family. 

"You're home?" She asked rhetorically as she looked at her mother who was sitting on her bed. "What about dad?"

Mrs King wore a long straight gown and her hair tied neatly at the back of her head. Her face was bare and she looked really relaxed which made Chloe realise she had been inside the house for a while. 

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Mrs King smiled at her while Chloe held the towel around her chest firmly. "Hmm.. Your father is still at the hospital though." 

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