231 Conflicted

"Let's talk outside." Kelvin walked up to Jeremy and said to him just after their first class ended.

"You must be kidding me." Jeremy hissed. He didn't bother to stand up. He just took out his earphone and plugged it in his ears, hoping Kelvin would see he wasn't interested and go away. 

Annoyed, Kelvin pulled his earphone rudely and dropped it on the desk. "I SAID, LET'S TALK." He said, laying emphasis on each word. 

Most of the students in the class watched both boys curiously.  The look on their faces was almost identical. It was obvious Kelvin disliked Jeremy and would rather be talking to someone else, from the look on Jeremy's face, the feeling was mutual. Why were they always at disagreement from the beginning? They wondered. 

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Jeremy tried not to blow up at him. He could be a sweet puppy when he wanted to, but he had a temper.  He tried to keep a smile on his face when though he was deeply annoyed by Kelvin's attitude.

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