45 Cherry

Leo hadn't been sure Mia was going to play along. Even if she had been open minded recently, she still acted a bit rigid. So it had surprised him that she had easily played along. What did she just call him? Baby? 

Even Mia looked shocked and embarrassed at the way she called him. He tried his best not to laugh but he could not help it. She definitely looked cute. 

He began to chuckle and Mia frowned at him. Was he messing with her? She was helping him out but he was laughing?

Cherry looked between Mia and Leo suspiciously.

When Leo noticed how she was looking at them, he went into character....

"Welcome baby. How was your time out?" He asked while moving closer to hug her. 

Mia froze when he wrapped his arms around her. If there was one thing she hadn't expected, it was a hug from him. 

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Leo had a peculiar scent she couldn't quite understand. But it was a good scent.

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