29 Campaign

It was Monday at last. Mia left the house early since she had a morning class. Thankfully, she did not bump into Leo.

She was only able to walk for 7 minutes before she arrived in front of the large University gate. 

It was a prestigious university. The type she never would have been able to afford if she hadn't been offered a scholarship. 

When she walked past the small pedestrian's gate, she noticed a lot of fliers littered on the ground and banners hanging almost everywhere. She was only able to take a step before someone handed her a flier. 

She didn't bother to look at it or take it. She walked past and went straight to class. 

She felt very uncomfortable in her white button shirt and black trousers with a flat shoe. She had tied her hair in a ponytail and carried a small backpack that helped carry her books.

In school, she always had to behave well, and that also included the way she dressed and talked.

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She wasn't from a rich family where they could easily cover up crimes with money. She could get kicked out anything for being irresponsible and she did not want that. It would break her mother's heart.  

"Hello lady!" 

She heard the familiar voice behind her before he dropped his books on the desk and sat beside her. 

"You look good." He whispered to her.

Jeremy Williams. She remembered his name. 

"I think we both have similar style of dressing." 

He said as he looked at her up and down. Yesterday, they had both been dressed in all blacks. Today, he also wore a white shirt and black trousers. 

There were students who were always required  to dress formally. It included the law students, medical students, and the business students— which they fall into. 

So even if they hated it, the always had to follow the dress code and dress well.

"Why are you suddenly being clingy? What do you want?" Mia asked while bringing out her books from her bag to place them on the desk. 

"You're smart. I think we are similar. So I want to be friends with you. Help me, and I'll help you." He said with a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes.

"I don't need you to help me with anything. Neither am I interested in helping you. I am not a philanthropist " She answered uninterestedly and looked around, wondering why the teacher was not in class yet. 

Everyone else seemed to be busy having fun chatting with each other. She could guess most of them were talking about the past holiday and the countries they visited blah blah.

She would have preferred sitting alone but this guy just had to disturb her because he was a pest.

"I noticed the way you looked during last year's prize giving. It was as if you expected your name to come first. Unfortunately,  Kelvin also beat you again."

Mia turned her head and shot him a suspicious look. Was he some kind of stalker or something? 

When Jeremy noticed he had gotten her attention, he smiled. 

"I'll help you get to the first position. In return, help me study. I need to graduate with a good result." 

"What's your cgpa?" She asked uninterestedly. 

"A little below Four point." He answered with a shy smile. 

"And you want to help me get to first place while you also want me to help you pass? Can you even listen to yourself?" She asked angrily. Was he joking with her?

"I know what I am saying. Aren't you curious why I came to you instead of directly meeting Kelvin since he is the top student? It's because I know what you do not know. He isn't as smart as everyone thinks he is and only made it there because of his parents and because he is the Student's council president." 

"That's quite a blasphemy" She said as she searched inside her bag for something. 

"I know why you're killing yourself to be the top student. And the funny thing is that Kelvin has it all at the tip of his finger. He doesn't deserve to beat you. Help me to help you." He said seriously this time. 

Mia was quiet and for a second he thought she was contemplating his offer. 

"If you have a beef with Kelvin, then go settle it with him. Do not drag me into it." She warned and sighed in relief when she saw the pen she had been searching for. 

"Hello Students!" 

Mia cringed when she heard the loud greeting come from the speaker.

When she looked at the front of the class at the group consistuting the nuisance, she froze.

Jeremy's gaze darkened when he also saw the people on stage. 

"I'm sure you all know me but I'll do well to reintroduce myself." The guy with the mic spoke loudly into it and got the student's attention.

On the stage were five students. Three male and two female all in their campaign mode and outfit with fliers and banners in their hands. 

"I am the Student's Council President, Kelvin Hank. And I don't need to tell you about my department or faculty since  you're  all my classmates " He paused to laugh and the others joined him.

Mia's gaze was fixed on the other young man beside him. He looked like he was slightly nervous but he managed to keep a smile plastered on his handsome face. 

"Since we all know it's the time of the year where I have to hand over the mantle of leadership, I present to you a young man who I feel is good enough for this position and I kindly ask for your votes and support." 

"What the hell is wrong with him? Is he even suppose to do that?" Jeremy frowned and complained to no one in particular.

"He is none other than our very own former Secretary General of the Student's Council, Benjamin Stark" 

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