169 Calm before the storm

"I cannot keep doing this. Do you know how stressed you get me everytime?" Linda whined to Mary as she hit her arm again like a mother would do to her stubborn child.

Mia watched the both of them with her eyes as wide as a bowl. This couldn't be... right?

It isn't possible right?

She tried to believe as she slowly stood up and watched as the policemen tried to calm Linda down.

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"Can you stop it? I didn't cause trouble. They started it. Besides, you shouldn't be worried about me right now." Mary said in irritation as she turned her head so Linda would follow her gaze to see Mia.

"You didn't cause trouble? Then why are you here— oh my!"

Immediately Linda locked eyes with Mia, Linda gasped and her bag fell from her hand. 

Mia's brows furrowed as she watched Linda carefully.

"M...ia... what are... you doing here?" Linda managed to ask as she gulped nervously.

Mia couldn't say a word no matter how much she tried to say something.

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