41 Bucket List

"I feel very uncomfortable" Leo finally said something after a while.

He had been quietly observing Mia while she did all she did but he could not help voice it out at last.

Probably because he wasn't used to her being nice and cheerful so seeing her this way made him uncomfortable. She wasn't actually saying a thing, but even while eating, she was smiling sheepishly.

"Why is that?" Mia asked as she sipped her tea. 

She had made Toasted bread, pancakes, french toast and a milky tea for the both of them for breakfast.

Leo could not remember the last time he had a homemade breakfast like this– and from someone he barely knew, but he had joined her on the table when she invited. 

"I didn't know the one you liked best so I made all.... To thank you" Mia had explained to him when she saw the confused look on his face after she placed the different variety of foods on the table. 

Although he was skeptical about the while thing, her food looked tempting so he had quietly sat down opposite her while she served him breakfast.

"Why are you uncomfortable?" Mia asked again when he kept looking at her without saying anything. 

"How do you feel? Still sick?" He asked curiously.

"Nah. I'm good. Do I look sick?"

She didn't look sick to him. In fact, he had never seen her looking so pretty and lively. And that made him worried. 

"This isn't like a last supper, where you're planning to die or something right?'' He raised a questioning brow at her, making Mia laugh loudly. 

The sound of her laughter startled him. He looked intently at her, drawn by her laughter.

He had imagined she was going to be really pretty when she laughed and she had not disappointed. 

She looked amazing when she laughed. Her eyes sparkled, the side of her cheeks deepened a bit like she had a dimple but it was not very noticeable. She had a fine set of small teeth that was arranged in a strange form– white and spotless. 

"You're pretty" He said out unconsciously.

Mia stopped laughing and stared at him in surprise. 

"Really?" She blinked at him.

Leo didn't want to make it obvious that he had mistakenly said out what he had been thinking so he shrugged his shoulder nonchalantly, 

"You should laugh often. You're prettier when you laugh." He admitted.

"Thanks." Mia answered with a blush before sipping from her teacup. 

"And.. Thank you." Mia said to him with a smile before taking a big bite from her toasted bread. 

"For?" He raised his eyebrow questioningly. 

"For being friendly." 

"It's weird having you behave like this." He confessed. 

"I know. It's also weird for me. But I'll try to live like this from now on."

Leo nodded. He didn't know what she had decided to do, but he hoped for her to live well. 

"No classes today?" 

"There is."

"And you're here?" He asked with a surprised voice. 

He could not imagine his parents' reaction when the found out that Chloe was skipping classes. 

"I have never missed classes before. I just wanted to know how it felt like." She admitted casually. 

Now, this was strange. Leo thought. Why did it feel like she was trying to fulfill everything in her bucket list before she died?

"So what else have you not done before and you're planning to do?" He asked inquisitively, suddenly interested in knowing about her.

"Hmmm..." Mia pondered on his question.

"Go shopping, get a new phone... go late to class... deliberately fail a test.."

Leo listened attentively as she counted it all with her fingers. Everything she mentioned where things majority of people did on a passing everyday. Why did they seem like a big deal to her?

"Do not study for tests... go see a movie at the cinema without getting angry at the exaggerated  reaction of viewers, go to the beach, not take up any odd jobs for a month, oh... and have sex.." Her eyes twinkled when she mentioned that part and Leo chocked on his tea.

"Are you okay?" She asked when she saw him choking. 

He cleared his throat awkwardly and managed to nod. But as a guy,  he seemed interested in that topic. 


"Yes." She nodded.

She wanted to go wild. Everything she had not done before, she wanted to try it all. All the money she had been saving up to send to her mother by the end of the month, she was going to spend it all on herself. She wanted her mother to see how useful she had been to the family.

Leo was startled. He had never met anyone so open like her. Maybe because he had been taking her for his little sister, the thought of her having sex repulsed him just like he wouldn't want to hear his sister talking about it like that. He suddenly remembered something and asked,

"Do you have a boyfriend? Or girlfriend?" 

"Nope" She answered. 

"Really?' He asked in surprise. He had thought she was dating Mira.

"What about Mira?"

"She doesn't have a boyfriend. Are you interested in her?" Mia teased. 

Leo laughed before shaking his head. "I wasn't asking that. I thought you were a couple." 

"Me and Mira?" Mia gasped before she began to laugh. 

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"Not at all. We are friends." She corrected.

"Really?" He asked with a look that showed he didn't believe. 

"Why would you think that?" 

"So you're not interested in women?" He asked with profound interest. 

"Nah. Not at all. But I'm not homophobic either" 

"I think we may have a little problem there." Leo confessed with a frown.

"What is it?" She asked curiously. 

Leo was not one to hide things. He liked to say it the way there were. 

"I thought you liked women you know... plus you didn't seem to mind much that I saw you half naked so it convinced me you weren't sexually attracted to the opposite sex."

"Your point is?" She questioned. 

"Now that I know you like men, plus I've seen your body and the image doesn't seem to leave my mind, there may be a problem... and you know, with us living together.." He admitted with a worried sigh.

Mia paused for a second to comprehend what he was trying to say.

"Are you saying.... you may be sexually attracted to me?" She asked with a loud gasp. 

Leo chuckled when he saw her reaction and nodded. "I'm saying it could happen. But do not worry, I see you as my little sister so I'm certain that wouldn't happen"

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