173 Brother in-law

Mary could not say a word. She had never in her life been whipped before and had never thought a day like this would come. Although she was bigger than Mia, she realised she couldn't stand up to her right now.

"You've ruined my life yet you act all cocky and talk to me like you are something. Who the hell do you think you are? And you had an affair with Mr Bill? Haven't you done enough? Why did you come back here? For years, I did a lot of jobs just to make sure I paid your fucking debt. Do you know I even considered selling my body because of you? But what were you doing? It would have been better to know you died somewhere than showing your ugly face in front of me." 

Mia said between tears and charged at Mary again but Leo dragged her back by her waist while Linda knelt down in front of Mia to beg her. 

"Please stop... you are going to kill her. Please Mia... hit me instead."

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