115 Brace yourself.

"You must be really happy coming out." Leo said as he looked down at Tara who was obediently following him even though there was a leash around her neck. 

The weather outside was cold so he had dressed Tara up for the cold and was also dressed for it. He would have preferred to sleep in or just sit and talk with Mia but he needed to give Tara a little attention so she wouldn't fall sick anymore. 

He took out his phone from his pocket when it began to ring and saw it was a call from Richard. 

"What's up?" Leo said into the phone. 

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"Hey man? You are home right? I'm almost at your place." Richard said immediately. 

"What? How can you just head to my place without calling first?" Leo asked with a frown.

"Which is why I am calling since I am almost there. You are home right? We need to talk about something." 

"Is it urgent?" Leo asked with a sigh. 

"I think it is."

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