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Mia remained huddled at the back seat of the car as Leo drove away from the hospital. Her feet were on the chair with her knees raised while she placed her head on her knees and wrapped her hands around her legs. Her eyes were closed and her face still looked pale. Leo could see her though the rearview mirror. He wished there was something he could do to stop whatever pain she was feeling.

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Not only had she heard such a harsh truth in a cruel way, she also found out that her real mother died when she gave birth to her. He had actually hoped it was all a lie and Mary was only saying that because she was obviously crazy, but Linda had confirmed it amidst tears while swearing to Mia that she always saw her as her real daughter. 

Linda's confirmation was all Mia needed. To their surprise, Mia nodded and turned around, then she left the room while he followed her quickly. She hadn't said a word, neither did she shed a tear. She was just quiet, still and pale.

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