144 Bodyguard

Thankfully, the students in the management class at school didn't have a quick lecture on Monday morning until it was noon, so those who went partying, woke up pretty late except for Chloe who was sitting in her office chair with two of her staff opposite her. One was her female Personal Assistant, the other one was the head of Public Relations.

"I tried talking to the major investor who wanted to pull out but he insists on meeting the boss first before he considers changing his mind." The head of the PR who was a young man reported.

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"He wants to meet me first? Why?" Chloe asked in confusion.

"I do not know. He refused to say anything else to me."

Chloe scoffed in disbelief. 'Who does he think he is?' She asked herself and a voice in her head answered. 'He is a major investor and if he pulls out, it's at your loss.'

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