76 Bingo!

Almost everyone, if not all knew about the King's family. They had the biggest hospital in the city and ranked number one when it came to charity.

Linda could not help but wonder how Mia was able to know one of the Kings and even lived with him!

"He is not my boyfriend. He is simply accommodating me in his apartment until I find a new one'' Mia said while looking at Mr Timothy instead.

She didn't want any case where they would have to involve Leo simply because they thought he was very close with her and had a thing with her.

Mr timothy chuckled like he had just heard something amusing. He signalled for one of the men to come over and the one who had been sitting at the passenger's seat earlier handed Mr Timothy an envelope.

He took the envelope and handed it over to Mia. "You are really not dating him?'' He asked mockingly. 

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Mia frowned as she opened it, wondering what was inside that made him sound so confident about her dating Leo King.

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