135 Beginning to like you a little too much.

"I'm sorry Mia Lucas... I went a bit overboard." 

Mia read the message Leo sent to her thirty minutes later and she began to also feel guilty. 

She was partially at fault for everything and she regretted listening to Mira in the first place. She had even made it obvious she was mad at her earlier. 

"What's wrong?" Mira had asked her immediately she saw Mia stomping angrily towards the building after her argument with Leo. 

"What happened? What did he say?" Mira pressed while James looked at Mia curiously. 

"I really don't want to talk about it so please don't ask me." Mia said sounding annoyed before walking inside James' house. 

Mira looked at her in shock and turned to look at James. 

"She's mad at me." Mira said feeling her heart squeeze in pain. 

"I'll talk to her." James told Mira and hurried after Mia. 

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