126 Before the others arrived.

Richard returned to his house when he saw the rain was becoming heavier so it was just Leo inside the house with Tara, biting his fingers as he waited for Mia to return. 

He regretted letting her leave the house. He considered going to her studio but wouldn't that be too much? He didn't even know where her studio was. But Mira probably should.

Maybe he should just call Mia? He picked up his phone and was about to dial her number when a call came in from his mother.

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He had been ignoring his mother's call the whole evening and knew he could no longer do that.

"Mum?" He said into the phone immediately he answered it. 

"Why haven't you been taking your calls?" She asked.

He could tell she was definitely displeased by the say she was sounding. 

"Sorry" Was all he could say.

 "How come we didn't know you were dating someone?" Mrs King asked Leo.

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