220 Because of him?

Mia didn't partake in any strenuous exercise that day but she found herself really stressed as she walked back home from school. When she got home, she realised Leo was inside his room and sighed in relief. She always liked meeting him at home whenever she returned from school. 

"You are back. Why didn't you call to let me know you were done for the day? Would have come pick you up." He said when he came out of his room to find her taking off her shoes.

"It's not far. Besides, I haven't been working out lately and walking helps me." She said weakly before changing into a house slipper and walking towards the couch to drop down on one of them.

"How was your test? You look exhausted." He said before moving behind her to massage her shoulder.

"It was good. I think it's going to be an A plus." She said and raised her head so he could see the smile on her face. He smiled back and ruffled her hair which made her push his hand away quickly. 

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