203 Beautiful dream

Mia had a dream. She looked beautiful, she smiled beautifully and danced with a beautiful man in a beautiful cottage, to a beautiful song. A smile was on her face as she remembered the dream, but she didn't open her eyes immediately. She enjoyed the song being sang by the birds, she enjoyed the cold mixed with warmth she felt, she enjoyed hearing the sea waves. Sea...!

Her eyes slowly opened and the first thing she saw was Leo's sleeping face. 

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It hadn't been a dream! It was real. She had really danced with a beautiful man inside a beautiful cottage to a beautiful song, and it hadn't been a dream!

Tears stung her eyes at the realization. There were tears of joy. She was so happy she wanted to burst into tears. 

The light in the room wasn't on and with the window blinds down, it looked a bit dark inside. The song which she remembered he had left on the previous night had been turned off also.

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