71 Be careful

Mia tried to hide the dark circles under her eyes as she prepared to leave for school the next morning. The previous night, she did what she knew to do best, run. Leo had let her go after she claimed to be 'drunk and needed to sleep.' And when he told her she had drank juice, she almost but her tongue for telling such a pointless lie. 

"I said I feel drunk. I have my body and know how it feels." She shot back before running into her room and sheard him chuckling as she hurriedly closed the door. He was enjoying messing with her and a plan began to form in her head to return the favour. 

But she really wasn't sure about that. She had noticed she had more self control than Leo. Leo may probably take that opportunity to jump in unlike herself who always ran away. 

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"You look out of it again! What's been up with you lately?" Jeremy asked as he joined her seat. 

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