131 Are you locked in?

"Please tell me you are going to the party tonight..." Richard told Leo who was sitting in Richard's dining with his hands crossed. 

Anyone who saw Richard's house would probably think it was a family house. It was large, exquisitely furnished and looked bright. It always reminded Leo of his family's house.

"I guess I have to." Leo answered with a shrug. 

"Good! Because I'll be going there and it would be awkward if i went there myself. I don't even know who they are having the welcome party for." He said with a laugh making Leo to chuckle. 

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"You've been sulking since you came here. What's wrong? Haven't you clarified the issue with your family yet?" Richard asked going to sit opposite him.

"I haven't been able to do so. These people only believe what they want to believe. Even my mother wants me to come home tomorrow." He said with a frustrated sigh.

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