48 Are you learning?

"You are crazy." Leo stood up and said in horror after he found his voice. "What has gotten into you? How can you ask that of me?" He asked her. Obviously petrified. 

Mia frowned. Even though she had asked him to help her with something so improper, she hadn't expected him to reject her so outrightly. Didn't every guy liked it when ladies presented them with such offers?

"You are the only guy I know. James isn't around and even if he was, I wouldn't ask him for such since we have been friends for a really long time. But it's different with you. Besides, it's not like we like each other that way and I'll be leaving here soon anyway. So I really–" 

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"Stop.. stop.." Leo said and raised his hands to interrupt her before she could finish talking.

"Do you really know what you are asking of me?" He looked at her in bafflement before sitting down again. 

"Of course I do." Mia nodded. "A kiss."

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