153 Angry Chloe

"It has nothing to do with you." Chloe told David with a dark glare. "I just came here today to let you know I have moved on. If you keep bothering me, I would have to other choice but to get you arrested. I mean it." She warned before turning to leave. 

"Gaby is sick." He suddenly said in a loud voice which stopped her in her tracks. 

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"She is really sick and needs to be taken to the hospital. Please.... Chlo–"

"See? I knew this was it! You want money. Because of money you always make up useless stories. Well, you can go work hard and take her to the hospital. Do not involve me. We are over. And I am never going to let you enslave me again." She said angrily before moving to her car to open the passenger's seat's door. 

"What is wrong with you? Why did you come out? I told you to stay in!" She snapped at Jeremy but kept her voice low since David was still around.

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