190 Am I really not your type?

 Meanwhile, with everything going on in the world, there was someone who was really happy. It was none other than Jeremy who was being fed by Chloe.

Chloe sat beside him on the bed with a really awkward expression as she raised a spoon of soup to his mouth. He opened it and let her feed him while trying to act like he was totally not excited about the attention she was giving him. She had even dabbed the side of his mouth with her handkerchief when soup escaped his lips.  

Ellie had left the room a long time ago so it was just the both of them.

"Thank you for helping me out." He finally said when the silence was becoming too unbearable. 

"Open up." Chloe ordered as she fed him again, not bothering to answer him. 

"And thanks again for the other day." He added. 

"What other day?" She asked without looking at his face. 

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"For letting me know the kind of person Benjamin is." He said with a small smile. 

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