213 Adrian

 "Where is she taking her?" Mrs King asked in alarm when she caught sight of her daughter and a middle aged woman who was leading her away from the crowd. She was just about to take a step to walk over to them, when her mother in-law held her back. 

"You should let her be. She cannot run away from this. None of them can." Grandmother said gently. 

Mrs King didn't think so. She looked at her husband for his backing but he simply nodded to what his mother had said. "Chloe can take care of herself." 

"But—" Mrs King was about to protest but Grandmother gave her no chance to. 

"Just let her be. I already spoke with Maria a few days ago. Everything is going to be fine. Now, over to you two—" 

"What do you think about Leo's woman?" She asked, looking pointedly at her son and daughter in law. 

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"We do not know much about her. The guests all have to leave first before we make a decision." Mr King said calmly while his wife nodded in agreement. 

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