182 A....boy?


Mia heard someone call for her attention as she was on her way out of school. She would have ignored the person and assumed he was probably calling someone else if the voice hadn't sounded so familiar.

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She turned around immediately and came face to face with Leo who was smiling at her. 

She looked a bit surprised to see him standing there and also began to feel guilty.  She wasn't sure there was any way she could pretend like nothing had happened in school and it made her very angry because there was nothing she could do about it. Report him to the school authorities for harassment? Report him to the police? 

No one had to tell her before she knew she was going to be wasting her time. 

Her lips suddenly began to itch her as she slowly approached Leo. She felt the urge to cut off her lips because it was beginning to disgust her. She just couldn't handle it anymore.

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