94 A persistent psycho.

It was already past 8pm but instead of resting at home, Chole remained at the mall. Her brain was a mess and she needed work to relieve herself. 

She did feel bad about the way she had spoken to Leo earlier that day but she just needed to get it off her head and she was still slightly hurt that he didn't want her to stay with them.

"She has been inside the office since noon. I doubt she has eaten anything." One of the male staff told Jeremy who was working that night.

"Really?" Jeremy asked with a worried look on his face as he looked at the direction which led to her office upstairs.

"You like the boss don't you?" The guy asked looking at Jeremy suspiciously. 

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"I do." Jeremy answered honestly with a nod. He didn't see any point of denying it when it was clearly obvious. A lot of the staffs were already talking about how he asked for her number the previous day and she hadn't fired him. 

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