117 A party?

"Well, we are here." Jeremy announced when he got to the last bend before the King family's house. He was to stop there while she drove the rest of the way home since her house was just around the corner. 

"Yup!" Chloe said nonchalantly as he pulled over. 

Jeremy turned to look at her for a few seconds and she looked back at him wondering why he was staring..

"You look tensed." He said when she opened her mouth to talk.

"I'm fine." Chloe said returning to her usual cold voice before she got down from the car.

She was still a bit tensed from seeing Leo earlier. He was probably going to call her soon. 

"See you at work tonight then" Jeremy said before getting down also.

It wasn't like other jobs where they had to take a break at weekends. In fact, sales at the mall was higher during the weekends. 

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"I wanted to ask earlier..." Chloe said when she stood in front of him.

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