90 A new dancer?

"Hello." Mia greeted the rest members of the dance crew when she entered inside the dance studio. There were five guys inside and a girl who assisted Mr B. 

"Where is Mr B?" She asked the guy nearest to her. 

"He is inside his office. Speaking with someone." 

"Who?" She asked curiously. 

"The new male lead dancer." 

"Isn't that supposed to be you?" She asked with a confused frown. 

"Well, some things happened at home. I won't be able to dance. Besides, this guy is a really good dancer. It's a good thing he is agreeing to dance with us even though I do not think he needs the money. He is from a rich family already." He whispered. 

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"Why do I have a bad feeling about this?" She asked herself in a low voice. She was already used to dancing with the people here and a new person, she only hoped they wouldn't have any problems with each other. 

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