122 A castle kind of cake.

"Oh my god! Oh. My. God!" Mira exclaimed with bulging eyes as she checked her message. 

"What is it?" James asked as he stopped playing his video game to look at her. 

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Mira was still in his house again, wearing his shirt. Since her parents were more or less workaholics, she liked to spend her time with friends.

Mia wasn't the party type and she liked to study. But James always gave her attention and when they weren't partying, they were both talking and laughing and when they weren't doing that, they were playing video games. 

"Come see. Come see now!" Mira said in a hurry but was too impatient she had to jump on him causing him to fall back on his bed with her on top of him. 

"Look!" She turned her phone's screen to show him the picture Leo had sent her. 

"Why is the housemate there?" James asked when his eyes saw Leo who was smiling at the camera.

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