201 A (Not so) Peaceful evening

Leo and Mia cuddled on the small bed, none said a word but they were both wide awake and their hearts thumped wildly.

Both were lost in their thoughts while also trying to control the way they were currently feeling with the other so close to them. 

Mia didn't want to be selfish. She was going to miss him when he travelled out and if she was true to herself and what she wanted deep down, she didn't want him to leave. She had never felt such happiness like she felt since she met him. But she couldn't him do that. This was something really important to him and she was going to support him. People always supported those they loved even though it made them sad right? 

"What are you going to be doing after graduation?" He asked her in a quiet voice. 

He was spooning her with her back against his chest while his hand rested on her belly. Mia could feel his hot breath on her neck and she closed her eyes, hoping it would reduce the tension she felt. 

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