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Mia hadn't thought anything was wrong with her clothes until that moment. She didn't know where she was following him to. He had simply asked her to get dressed and he would be waiting for her outside.

She threw all her things around in frustration as she tried to pick the best one to wear. There was nothing. The only decent clothes she had were the ones she wore to school and they were too formal. 

She sighed deeply. She didn't want to keep him waiting so she quickly threw in one of her polo and a trouser with boot. Looking all black.

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She cringed when she saw herself on the mirror. She didn't even have anything to use on her face. The other time she went to the party with Mira, Mira had brought her make up kits from her house and used it on her. 

She paused for a few seconds to ask herself why she was doing all of this. It wasn't like they were going on a date. He was simply asking her to hang out. 

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