56 "Mia kissed Louis"

"Can you at least tell me what is wrong with you?" Richard asked Leo with an exasperated sigh.

For the past one hour, they had both been sitting inside a bar, quietly drinking a glass of white wine. Leo had invited him out and from the way he spoke, Richard could tell there was a lot on his friend's mind but Leo had refused to say a word to him about whatever he was passing through.

"Come on, talk to me. I'm not comfortable seeing you like this."

Leo took another gulp from his wineglass before looking at Richard. He desprately wanted to get the whole thing off his chest so he began to talk.

"You know I'm really not a kiss and tell..."

Richard nodded in encouragement for him to continue. 

Leo looked at him with an uncertain look before saying in a low voice. "I kissed Mia." 

Richard's jaw dropped. For many seconds, he remained like that without saying a word. 

"You... kissed your flatmate?" He asked when he finally found his voice.

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