110 "I'm Ellie"

Chloe tried not to seem surprised when Jeremy pulled over in front of where she believed was his apartment. 

"This is where you live?" She asked pointing at the building. 

"Yes." He nodded and soon began to wonder how they were both going to get to the door when they were not with umbrellas and it was still raining heavily. 

Chloe looked at the apartment. It was a big flat. They were outside but she could guess it had up to four rooms inside. It was a really nice building and she began to wonder why someone who lived in this kind of place would be taking up different part time jobs. She thought he was probably going to be living in a small apartment with his sister.

"Do you by chance have another umbrella?" He turned to ask her.

She slowly shook her head. "I don't have another." 

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She had given her only umbrella to that family earlier. 

"I guess we have to run. Sorry." He said while giving her an apologetic look. 

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