7 "I'll burn down your apartment with you in it"

Chloe always had the habit of sleeping early unlike most people who stayed till midnight before going to bed. She always never joked with her complete six-hours 'beauty sleep'.

When it was time to turn off the light and retire for the day, her phone suddenly rang. She frowned as she took her phone and looked at the caller's ID and nearly jumped from her bed when she saw it was Leo calling her.

After a few seconds calming her nerves, she took the call but before she could say a thing, Leo roared "If I do not see you in 5mins, you'll hear from dad" Then the line went dead.

She panicked and jumped out of her bed to get dressed. She knew Leo wasn't one to mess with and she could vaguely guess that it had to do with his apartment.

She sighed while thinking of how happy she had been, thinking that she still had time before the issue blew up.

"No.. No..No... If this issue gets to dad then I'm doomed" She said in a panic as she left her room in a hurry.

Her parents loved and pampered her a lot but when it came to being strict, they discipline her without thinking twice. Thinking of how she had been living for the past month and how they just 'freed' her, if they realised what she had done to Leo's apartment it would be worse than just putting her on house arrest.

Luckily, she knew her parents wouldn't be at home by this time since they still both had work to do. She left the house in a hurry and drove straight to Leo's apartment.


"I need to hurry up and find a new apartment. I can't deal with that dude" Mia said as she struggled to wear a black boot while sitting on the bed. She connected the call to her wireless earphone to make it easier for her to dress up since it was already very late and she had to leave on time.

James laughed for a few seconds before he spoke again,

"You really don't have to trouble yourself so much. If he tries to kick you out, just let me know. I'll deal with them for ..."

"He should dare" She interrupted. "He's such an irresponsible ass! The first thing he does after returning is to bring a girl over. Who does that?"

"Hahaha, Sounds like you are jealous. Wait a minute, who's more good looking? Me or him?"

"You're sick! I'm hanging up" She said angrily. If James was currently in front of her, she would have given him a good beating.

"Alright then, keep me updat..." Before he could finish talking, she already hung up.

He let out a soft chuckle and shook his head. "She still hasn't changed" He said to himself.

After dressing up, she carried a black backpack that looked really heavy and left the room.

She was dressed in black from head to toe— black baseball cap, black Guy's Tee, black ripped jean, and a black boot.

As soon as she got to the sitting room, she saw a familiar figure kneeling down in front of a guy sitting on the sofa.

But they didn't notice her since she was behind them while they kept conversing.

"Please, give me one month... No, 2 weeks.. I'll fix this. Don't just tell anyone at home please" Chloe begged. She looked like she was going to cry as she begged pitifully.

"I'll give you a week, if you don't fix it! Do not blame me" Leo threatened.

"So after a week you'll throw me out?" Mia asked with her arms crossed in front of her chest while looking pointedly at the both of them.

Chloe raised her head to look at Mia. The baseball cap didn't really cover her entire face, so she could still see the girl's pretty face.

"Mia? Aren't you Mia?" Chloe asked in surprise.

Leo had been trying to respond to Mia's question but he was taken aback that his sister knew such a person.

"You know this person?" He asked in obvious surprise.

"Yes. She's my classmate. She's the top female and second best in our class" Chloe answered.

Chloe didn't really care much about her classmates but Mia was an exception. She was really pretty and smart also. She had been trying to top Mia in order to become the top female student in class but Mia had remained the top girl in their exams and the second best in their class regardless of all her effort.

She had tried looking for various means to get to Mia but Mia's cold personality had discouraged her.

Her being the 4th best student in class had made her sad because she knew that although her parents didn't complain about it, they weren't so happy.

Leo could not believe that this person was able to enter into that university more so, was the top student. He was rather shocked and he looked at her intently.

"She's the friend staying here?" Chloe turned to ask Leo but before Leo could answer, Mia cut him off.

"I'm not ready for any of this. You don't tell me when to come or go. I can stay here for a month, 2 months and even the complete 8 months. I'll only advise that you don't get on my nerves and if you try to change the passcode for the apartment, I won't bother James to go the legal way. I'll burn down this apartment with you in it" She said pointedly to Leo before she walked out. For some reason, she didn't like the guy.

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