54 "Have fun, Mia."

Leo buried his head on the bed as he scolded himself for acting stupidly. 

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He could not control his pounding heart neither could he think straight at that point. 

He had not planned to kiss her. He had only wanted to teach her the basics; show her where to place her hands, where she was supposed to look at and how she was supposed to keep her posture. He hadn't planned to kiss her at all.

But he had acted rashly. She had been too close to him. Her scent had been the only thing his nose smelled. The circumstances hadn't helped either. Maybe it had been his fault. He was the one who asked her to place her hand on his shoulder while he held her by her waist. 

The moment he looked into her innocent eyes, he knew he could not escape the temptation.

He had always thought Mia was a temptation he could overcome but he had been terribly wrong. He could not resist her lips either. It was the first time he saw her wore lipstick and it was a red shade that suited her just right.

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