My Contract Marriage With The Demon Prince
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My Contract Marriage With The Demon Prince


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What is My Contract Marriage With The Demon Prince

Read My Contract Marriage With The Demon Prince novel written by the author dreamcatcherkookie on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Romance stories, covering romance, action, comedy, fantasy, demons. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


crystal lost her biological parents in an accident when she was 6 year old.leaving her alone in this world..... After that she lived in an orphanage. she was adopted by a couple. She was so happy to get a new family. But her happiness didn't last long. After 4 years, she lost her father. katherine, her adoptive mother raised her by herself with so much love. _______________________________ crystal was now 16,she worked hard to live. she wanted to help her mother,so she had to do part time job after her school...... But God was so cruel to her that he also snatched her mother from her. now....she was alone in this world. But she never gave up..... she worked hard to live...... everything was going well....until he came to her life...... yeah.... our ML, Lucifer..... who was not any ordinary guy. He just appeared from nowhere and made her life......you know....some changes. ______________________________ one day he came to the restaurant she worked and offered her a contract to sell her soul to him and became his slave. he came from nowhere and claimed himself as the 'demon prince '.like she's gonna believe him..... 'so...you are saying that you are from hell...? she asked. 'you are saying that you're son of devil?'she asked again. 'yep...you can call me Lucifer.'ha said. 'do I look like a fool to you...?'she asked feeling irritated. 'wow...you just read my mind...'he said with smirk. 'you.....get the hell out of here.....!'she yelled at him. 'who are you to order me....?he asked. her face started to turn red due to anger. 'I gave you a good offer,think about it well and give me a yes or no.'he said. she crossed her arms around her chest. 'what if my answer is no?'she asked. he stood up from his seat and came close to her...leaving only a inche distance between them. leaning towards her face he whispered in her ears. 'do you have any other options than saying 'yes' peaches.....?'he said in his threatening voice. ______________________________ Their all encounters only brought troubles to her at the end. she wished not to see his face again..... but her bad luck he didn't let her go that easily. for her horrible situation, she had to except his offer.......... But our demon prince plans were something else...just some....little changes in the contract. _______________________________ But did they knew that,they were ment to be together ? who will be the first one to fall in love? will their hate story turn out to be a love story? _______________________________ read my story.....I hope you would like it. ________________________________


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its look.like a good story again just like the story im just reading,,a good lesson u can learn again to this story author please update more ,,i like this story i can feel the pai on it


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