2 Chapter 2

Hana went out to buy me medicines. I was happy when she came. Whenever we are together I feel so much happiness like I can forget my worries. For me she is my hope.

The surroundings suddenly became blurry. Pain filled my head once again. Because of the intense pain. I, who was about to drink water, fell on the floor and fainted.

"Huh? Huhuhuhuhu." (Intense Breathing)

When I woke up I once again saw a different place. My whole body was drenched with sweat.

"Again?! Where am I?"

I took a look around my surroundings and I knew that I am in a forest. This forest is very fairy tale like unlike that time.

I walked around.

"Nothing seems to be--"

Something brushed my foot and I


I looked at it and was assured it was nothing dangerous but rather its a strange creature. It looked like a cute little fur ball fox. It looks like a cotton.

I bent down and stretched my hand to pet the fox. To my worry that it would become hostile it let me touch him and not only that but he also snuggle me.

"How CUUTE! Yiiiee!!"

I picked him up and I sat in the nearby tree. Put him in my lap and enjoyed petting him.

'Hahhhh... This is life!'

Then after a few minutes I can hear a mysterious voice...


It seems someone is finding someone. 'I better not be caught in any trouble and feign ignorance. Let's close our eyes!'


The voice came closer and louder. And that person came closer and closer to me.

I acted like I woke up because of the noise and I saw a very cute handsome guy in front of me with a worried face.

Every thing in this forest is weird so is this guy in front of me. Not only he have an unusual caramel colored hair he has 'FOX EARS'!

He is already is cutely handsome but with the addition if the FOX EARS he looks so cute. Aahhhh.... How can someone be handsome but also so cute...

"Miss I'm so so sorry. I woke you up. I'm so sorry!"

That seemingly cute handsome fox person kneeled in front of me to ask forgiveness.

"Ahahahahha! It's fine!"

"Huh?" That guy was puzzled at why I was laughing.

"Who are you looking for? Maybe I can help."

'Ooooooppppsssss!!! I ended up caught in some trouble it seems.'

"Aahh! I'm sorry I forgot to introduce myself I am Kal---"

Everything slowly turned black and once again pain filled my head. The moment I opened my eyes I was back to my room.

My body drenched in sweat on the cold flat floor.


Having been recovered by 'that experience' I stood up. My clothes were drenched so I changed my clothes. I turned on my television to make some noise in the lonely room.

"What was that? It wasn't the same as the past experiences. It wasn't terrifying rather it was cute."

I sat down on the sofa and watched some news while waiting for Hana.

Really I wasn't listening to the news but I kept thinking about that guy.

'Aahhhhh... He's so cute! I can't stop thinking about it. Is this love at first sight. It's just sad that I wouldn't be able to see him again.



I was startled because of the loud volume of the television. I reached for the remote and turned the volume down. I haven't focused on the news but since it was a Breaking News I listened.


"Young Girl ran over by a truck. The victim's identity have been confirmed. If you are her family or friend she have been sent to Chan Hospital for treatment. The victim has suffered critical injuries. The victim's name is Hana Kleine."

The reporter stated Hana Kleine and my mind went blank.

" HUUUHHH?!!! HANA!!!"

Without any hesitation I got my phone and wallet and immediately went to the Chan Hospital.

-Chan Hospital-

I rode my motorbike and jumped off it in the parking lot. I ran through the corridors and asked the receptionist about Hana.

"Hana? Where is Hana?!!"

"Uhhmm... Miss who are you looking for?"

The receptionist asked.

"Hana Kleine! Where is she?!"

"Hana Kleine...She is in the Operating Room, Ma'am. What is your relationship?"

"She's my friend. Let me see her!"

I looked around and saw a doctor coming near me.

"Do you know Hana Kleine?" The doctor asked.

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"Yes! She's my friend. Where is she?"

"She is still in the Operating Room you can only wait outside. Also please sign this papers."

I sat down on the chair near the Operating Room. With both hands I held my head and clenched my fist gathering my hair. I cried endlessly hoping and praying Hana would be treated and regain consciousness.

"Hana, please.... please... stay alive... without you I---hick--hick--"

Being not able to finish the sentence I once cried again with great pain in my heart.

~3 hours later~

A doctor approached me and said, "She is still unconscious but stable for now but because of the severity of her injuries she may not survive."

After telling me those information the doctor walked away and left me.

A few minutes later the doctors and nurses let me inside Hana's room.

I walked near her room...

Room 620... For a minute I stared the room number.

I reached for the doorknob but my hand is trembling. It's trembling so much that I failed to reach the doorknob . I calmed myself down and slowly opened the door.

Inside the room I saw my precious Hana lying down in the bed unconscious. Her body is almost wrapped around with bandages. I cannot... I cant... I just cant... For the precious Hana to be in this state.

"Hana? Hana? I'm sorry...hick...its all my fault...Hana? I am so sorry..."

I walked closer and closer to her bedside and cried. This time intense pain came not in my head but... but I felt great pain coming from my heart.

I kept crying and crying that after a long time I actually fell asleep.



I looked around saw nothing. By nothing I mean I saw only darkness around me.

"Where am I? Let me go back to Hana!!! Hana!! Let me go back! Let me go back!!! Back to Hana!!!"

I kept shouting but no answer came as I had expected. I sat down, embraced my legs and cried alone in the darkness.