79 Your grandmother!

Su Xi faced the window. A smile came on her face which was full of emotions. Her head was in a mess.

"Yes! It hurts a lot. My heart is in pain. But do I have any other choice? Continuously my heart and brain are tossing around thinking about what will happen if that person who shot your dad, comes back?"

This was a reality. Her heart was in pain that can't be healed easily.

"I have responsibilities to handle, Ye Shing. Your father has none right now. My main responsibility is to keep you all safe and bring back your father to you." Su Xi said with a sad face.

With whom she can share her pain if not with him?

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Ye Shing shook his head and said, "Getting hurt is the only way then?"

Why the hell is his mother suffering so much just because his father lost his memory? It was not their mistake to be born in such a family. Then WHY?!?!

"Ye Shing, for a family one can even die. Being hurt is nothing." Su Xi said and then she saw a confusion face of Ye Shing.

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