61 You will regret it!

"Who is it?" Ye Nian tried to peek.

"Y-Your Father...." Su Xi saved his number a long time ago but she didn't expect him to do the same.

Seeing that she was in a daze, Ye Shing touched her shoulder and brought her back into her senses.

"Mom, pick it up."

Su Xi looked at him and then at her phone. Yes, she has to pick it up.


"SU XI!! What took you so much time in picking up the call?!?!" He was anxious. He just saw the news and he recognized immediately who had done this.

Who else it can be if not Lin Juwan? But can he tell Su Xi? No!

Gu Yan himself didn't know why he was feeling such roller-coaster emotions. But he refused to believe that these were because he was her husband. He just felt maybe because she was a decent lady who understood him.

But Gu Yan can't get attached to her as his engagement is fixed with Lin Jua.

"Why you called?" Su Xi wasn't in a mood of talking with him.

Somewhere in her heart, she also doubted that this was done by him. After all, they were competitors.

"Are you okay? I saw the news."

"Does my well-being concerns you? You also want to destroy the Su Family. Am I right in thinking that it was done by you?"

Gu Yan was stunned after hearing her accusation. How can she even say like this? Is he that bad in her mind?

"Su Xi....."

"Mr. Gu, I really started to think of you as my friend. But who would have thought that you will backstab me? You want to eliminate me, okay fine! But why my family!?!? Do you even have any idea that this news will not only affect me but also MY CHILDREN?!? My daughter goes to school regularly. How will she face this now?"

Su Xi could have withstood everything if this was on her. But now, it involved her family too. She can't let anything bad happen to her children. She will not let her children's image be tarnished!

"I ne-" Gu Yan was cut off by Su Xi again.

"I don't any explanation or fake sympathy. You can go on and do everything. But remember that, I will protect my family! I'm that strong wall which is shielding my family. Mind that!"

Gu Yan didn't reply.

"You will regret each and every step which you are taking against me. Remember my words in future!" saying this, she hanged up.

Su Xi was filled with range. Her coolness was not there anymore.

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"Mom....." They both hugged their mom. Both Ye Nian and Ye Shing heard what their mum said. If it was their father behind all of this, they are then standing with their mother.

"Mum, the first we need to clear this out." Ye Shing suggested.

"Hmm. I'm going to the office. You both stay in the house only along with Ye Shan. There is a press outside. Close all windows as well as curtains. No one is allowed in today."

"But what about Grandfather and Uncle?"

Su Xi now remembered that she has not seen them since this news leaked. They couldn't come out especially right now. Su Xi knew that she has to clean up this mess alone. Neither Father Su nor Su Sing will come forward.

"No need to think about them." Su Xi said while rubbing Ye Nian hairs and thinking for some idea.


Somewhere isolated.

Someone was seeing Su Xi's photo. "Sir, Miss Su is involved in a scandal. Do we have to help her.?" One of the subordinates asked.

The person looked up and threw her picture into the dustbin.

"No need. She can do it herself. Her capabilities are enough."

"Sir, our plan is already ready."

The person took a cigarette out and lit it up. Smoke surrounded that person but this doesn't depreciate his aura.

"Good. But let the plan be at rest. We will make sure to give Gu Yan as well as Su Xi a good surprise at the right moment."

The subordinate bowed down. "As you wish sir. We are only waiting for you to give us your precious signal."

The person looked at the sky with his eyes dark.

'You will suffer, Su Xi!'

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