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Thinking of this possibility, Gu yan felt goosebumps on his skin. He hadn't told her anything about what happened to him, his feelings, how can he let her die like this?

'No..No! Su Xi is a tough woman! Nothing will happen to her. Right?' But he can only hope at this point.

"Stop thinking anything negative. As our elders say, be positive always and nothing will happen to YeShan and your mom." His words did not have any warmth at all but this was the least he could do when they have no time to waste.

Picking up his coat from the armchair, Gu Yan made his way to his car with Ye Nian tagging along. 

Their heart was restless. The mind was actually blocked but one thing's for sure and that was, the family needs to be together in this situation, no matter how far their heart is.

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