113 You are not alone, I'm accompanying you!

Gu Yan felt that she wanted to say something when he saw her staring at him continuously. He does not know how to comfort a person who was sick. What should he tell her right now?

"Doctor is coming here in just a few seconds. Let him check on you first. We will talk after it." Su Xi does not reply. Even if she wanted to, her throat did not let her do that.

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Dr. Mo entered into the room and then, first made sure her fever is gone. After all, he had given her antidote earlier to relief her pain and fever, but he was a little doubtful because the alcohol in her stomach was high

Nevertheless, she is fine and that is all matters. Otherwise, he does not know what Gu Yan would have done if something was to happen to this lady.

Gu Yan looked at Dr. Mo who was taking a little sample of her blood. He observed her face and she was surely a little reluctant to give him her blood sample.

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